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6(XXIX)/2017 Central Asia. The forgotten region (22.11.2017)

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Central Asia is an ethnically, geographically and culturally diverse region, covering a similar land mass as the European Union. Yet, it remains one of the least familiar to the general public in the West. An important region in its own right, located in a volatile geopolitical area between Russia, China, Afghanistan and Iran, the five states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan rarely make headlines in the mainstream media. Owing to this neglect the region has fallen victim to orientalist clichés, presenting it as a spacious blank steppe dividing the big players or as a collection of post-Soviet artificial entities devoid of agency in international relations.
In this issue we seek to confront that trend by showing Central Asian as players in the international arena with complex societies facing different internal and external dilemmas. While it is true that authoritarian tendencies, poor economic performance and Islam have been common features uniting the five states, the reality on the ground is much more complex. The issue takes on the well-worn new Great Game narrative to show that the exhausted metaphor has been little more than a misused stereotype. We also look at the unique nation building experiences of Central Asian countries following the collapse of the Soviet Union and how the respective societies have built their understanding of democracy.

New Eastern Europe is a new bi-monthly magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs. The magazine is the sister edition of the Polish version Nowa Europa Wschodnia, which has been on the Polish market since 2008. Countries in particular focus in New Eastern Europe include Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, as well the Caucasus region - Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, etc.
Articles in New Eastern Europe focus on a wide range of social, political and cultural issues facing this region. The journal includes original opinion and analytical texts; historical accounts; reports from correspondents in the countries with full colour photos; and reviews of books, music and film about and emerging from Eastern Europe.

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