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The Beast

Syriana Way

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A few words from the author?
What is it about?
As the author I should know the answer.
Regrettably I do not.
I have also shared the text with my friends and acquaintances and everyone has discovered something different in it.
This is another reason why it is impossible for me to summarise "The Beast."
A obvious question from the reader seems to be: Why should I read it and spend money on a question mark?
I think that reading this theatrical play provides a possibility to confront one?s own personality and to find one?s own BEAST. After all, there is a BEAST in each of us, isn?t there?
Perhaps you, Dear Readers, will be able to find out what this play is about?
I take your views to heart and I am looking forward to your opinions even if they are negative. To an author, an opinion of the readers is of great importance so that they can write better. Thank you and all the best to every book fan.

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