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The green roses

Katarzyna Ducros

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The plot of the book takes readers to an extraordinary country where lives a young woman named Anna. Anna is a loving mother who wants to have a happy life. Unfortunately, countrymen and even her own husband, coming from an influential family, can not accept and appreciate her.

Fortunately, fate will give Anna another chance to change her live, only if she can answer the riddle prepared by the queen herself. The task will not be easy, but ultimately the love for her daughter and the love for beautiful roses will make the story happily end.

It should be emphasized that the fairy tale becomes the background for a ballet that inspires the reader. Illustrations of figures will allow you to empathize with the role of a beginner choreographer, encouraging you to prepare your own performance.

To tell a dance is real art.

Try your strength!

Inside, you'll find a recipe for how to empathize with the role of a real dancer.

Read the story, put together the figures and show the audience what you can do!

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